Director of Winemaking

David James Ridge

Founding partner of SATCO, Redhouse and Mediterrane, has a long (and hopefully reasonably illustrious) history in the wine and hospitality industries. Decades involved in hotels, wine retail, restaurant, distribution, importing, education and consulting.

Much time spent in Italy has firmed up a devotion to the Italian grape varieties, as a) the favourite wines to drink, eat with and argue about and b) as having excellent adaptability to Australia. He hopes a string of Mediterrane Sangioveses have added to the growing body of evidence on this last notion.

Wine is constant proof that God loves us and loves to see us happy.

Director of Finance

Michael Gray

Co-founding partner of SATCO, Redhouse and Mediterrane has been along for the whole journey – making sure it all pays for itself at least. Who better than an accountant to provide us with our ‘punters palate’ and a foil to a wine geek?! He constantly says that even if he didn’t get Mediterrane at proprietor rates, he’d drink it at home anyway. The ultimate endorsement?

Michael has over 25 years experience in public practice in tax, business services and structure advice.