Message from Redhouse

Our interpretation of what the Aussie red should be

Redhouse came about from a realisation that the wines we liked to drink were just not the big beefy and often over-oaked reds that were the standard “back then”. Many of the popular medium, even lighter-weight reds of Europe, like France’s Cotes du Rhone and Chianti and Valpolicella from Italy were our models for a delicious, lively and savoury, ready for the table red. One that was easy on the pocket as well. So in about 2000 we launched our first Redhouse Shiraz Grenache. Later the favourite Italian grape Sangiovese took over and remains the choice for our ‘Mediterrane’


Mediterrane Barossa Valley


Redhouse has made this savoury mid-weight Sangiovese using fruit from the renowned ‘Golden Mile’ in Barossa Valley’s heartland. Drink with Mediterranean food of course, but this wine adapts to many other food styles and is happiest with chilli, spice and earthy things.

Please contact David Ridge on +61 417 094 334 or email: for further information.

Our current release has the same pedigree as our famous 2014 which became:

The only Sangiovese of 60 reds in annual Taste Top 100 Australian wines